About Us

Mr. Ashutosh Gupta (Director) is master’s in Business Administration from IBS Hyderabad. Post completion of his MBA he worked for Pokarna Limited which is one of the leading granite companies in India. Mr Ashutosh has represented the company in many national and international platforms. He is a visionary with unmatched dreams and aspirations. His enthusiasm for entrepreneurship led to the foundation of Superlike educational solutions private limited. He also provides consulting services to Start ups. One such example is Edukalp Educational Services Pvt Ltd. His business ideas and models have been appreciated on various platforms. Under his leadership development is inevitable as it is always powered with innovation.


•  To make India the most literate, aware and informed nation in the world.


•  To educate and inculcate the required skill set, if not desired skill set, to the budding generation of the society.

Superlike was started in May 2013 with a vision of getting into education sector to bridge the rising gaps in the educational sector .Considering the awareness of education, there is an increase in number of enrollments in schools; however, the dropout rates are high due to lack of infrastructural and logistic issues.

Superlike educational solutions private limited is being established to reduce the growing gap in education sector.

These gaps can be broadly classified as:

    • Gap created because of money: People many a times are deprived of good and quality education because it is expensive and unaffordable for them. Due to this there is a gap which is created. Quality of education in a big school when compared to a small school is the best example of this.
    • Gap created because of system: System created gaps are the gaps in the course curriculum. Ex: our colleges are producing engineers but they lack employable skill, thus they are not industry ready. Our Primary focus is on reducing the gap which is created by money. We work with the philosophy where “you need not be rich to be smart”.